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Buying office furniture requires practical considerations that go far beyond aesthetics. The Comfort and Safety of your employees and your guests must be factored into every decision. 2020 Interiors can help ensure that the furniture you select will yield improved employee satisfaction, productivity and profits for your business. You can always be guaranteed of a high-quality and professional service with 2020 Interiors.

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It’s important to evaluate the utility and use a piece of furniture is going to have before choosing both the style and a fabric.

If cleanliness is paramount, wipe clean vinyl or faux leather might be the right choice for you. Both are great for areas where stains are more prevalent; from break rooms to examination rooms, and if you manage a healthcare facility or medical office, asking for vinyl may not be enough. 

There are specific vinyl fabrics
that can withstand cleaning with bleach solutions to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens. If your furniture needs to sustain heavy use, then durable, engineered fabrics could be an option. As with everything, the devil is in the detail.

See some initial pointers when considering....

With 26 years in the Industry, we can work with you to understand your unique specifics. We can create solutions for all areas that are bespoke to you in as big or as small a manner as you desire.

Don't settle for the norm, consider trying for excellence.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety, price points and quality you can achieve.
Some suggested pointers for anyone looking to furnish or refurbish.
- Accurately Assess Your Needs
Before beginning the selection process, think about how an item will be used. If it’s a chair, for example, will it be used occasionally (as in a guest chair) or all day (such as an operators chair)? Does it have to be height adjustable or fixed? Should it be light enough to be moved or will it be stationary?
The more thought you give to a purchase, the greater likelihood you’ll get what you need.
- Analyse What’s Good & Bad About What You Already Have
It can also be helpful to solicit input from staff members who use the furniture on a daily basis. Otherwise, you may never know that chairs are difficult to adjust or that your receptionist really needs a desk with a keyboard tray etc..
- Choose Timeless Style Over What’s Trendy
You usually get the best long term value by
choosing furniture that has a simple, yet appealing design. By purchasing furniture with a timeless appearance, it will be easier to add complimentary pieces as your company grows and styles change.
- Choosing Price Over Value
Everyone loves a bargain, but when you're evaluating price, make sure you give equal weight to value.
To make the smartest buying decision possible, consider the cost of ownership over the expected life of the furniture. Here’s an example: A chair that’s designed for occasional use will generally
cost less than one that’s designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. While it may be tempting to purchase the lower priced chair, that would be a mistake if the chair will receive heavy use.
Repairs and Replacements could easily cancel out any initial savings and could even make the product more costly over time. There are occasions, of course, when you must purchase an inexpensive item to “make do” in a n emergency. In that case, consider the item disposable and factor in a more suitable replacement in your budget planning as soon as is economically feasible.
- Consider How Furniture Will Adapt To Technology
Think about how much technology has changed in the last 10 years.
Today, desks need space and outlets for laptops, monitors, printers, PDA’s, mobile phone chargers, task lighters and more. So when making your purchase, it’s important to think about what space and storage you may need a few years from now, i.e; Does the furniture have the ability to hide cables? Will your conference room accommodate video conferencing?
- Keep Your Workplace Flexible
It’s a good idea to select furniture that can be easily moved and reconfigured as new needs arise. This will give you the flexibility to change your floor plan as
With wireless networks, and technology becoming more popular, employees often do not need specific work-spaces.
In some offices, employers are electing to put wheels on desks and outlets on the floor. This encourages employees to pair up on projects and work as a team.
Adjustable desks will be a real desire for your future work-force.
Always consider your workforce of the future as well as the here and now.


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